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Debbie Bridge





I’m Debbie Bridge and I’m very good at finding the unexpected in the expected.

As a kid, because my Dad was a traveling salesman – so to speak – I got to travel a lot, especially along the western seaboard of North America.  I’ve been an adventurer from day 1 and an eager explorer.

As an operatic singing actor, I’ve been blessed with a good ear and excellent timing, plus a brilliant ability to project when needed, plus a great sense of humour – decided to try stand up as well!

I’ve trained with the Actors Centre and the Impulse Theatre, London, England, plus various other workshops along the way.

My 1st experience of memorising lines was as a kid trying to do a poem in front of the class – it was awful, but somehow, years later, after training as a dancer and singer, I finally, came back to this 1st love.

I’ve been fortunate to work on London sets and stages and I’ve even toured and produced my own, critically acclaimed, 1 woman show, ‘Miss Givings’, to several festivals in the UK. Currently touring Shirley Knot the Siren – my latest one-woman show. I’ve had the honour of being the Chief Executive of the American Actors UK which has given me real life experience of my character type of being an American, high powered, successful, strong female.

I’ve performed Shakespeare in a cave, Judge Hawthorne in the Crucible while making rag dolls and produced, edited and acted in my own short films.  I’m not one to sit on the side lines for long. I’m happiest when I am creating and playing.  Acting is all about the play – that’s as much the noun and verb for me.

Not one to be held back in anything I do, I realised a dream a few years ago and travelled round the world, so I could finally see the Taj Mahal.  In my typical fashion, I’ve taken that the extra mile and created a website to share my secrets, stories and fun – Bridge the Travel Gap.

My life is all about remaining curious and joining in on the next adventure.

So, let’s get out and play and see what adventures we can travel together through.