Twas the Night with Debbie Bridge

A victorian Christmas immersive experience.

‘Twas the Night’ with Debbie Bridge is a Victorian style evening which includes carol singing, Quizmas and storytelling, but in an interactive way, so everyone can feel a part of the event.

There’s a prize for whomever wins the Quizmas and, if we’re lucky, we can do it all by a log fire.

“Many thanks for your lovely Christmas show this evening. Just right for helping us to get in the swing of Christmas. Very much appreciated.” – Richard Burrows – Danny House

This is a new show which was created for Danny House in Christmas 2019.

It has a running time of 1 hr and is suitable for any age group and small groups.

Costume can be done in Victorian caroller or modern Christmas attire.

If you have any questions of costs or availability for 2020 Christmas, please contact Debbie here!

Twas the Night with Debbie Bridge

A Victorian Christmas immersive experience.