Acting with Confidence and Truth Classes (Meisner Workout)

Acting with Confidence and Truth workshop

Acting with Confidence and Truth workshop

Come and explore Repetition and your voice. This class is for actors who want to express themselves with song, for those who want to work on releasing their spoken/singing voice, for those who perhaps feel restricted or self-conscious when singing and for more experienced singer/actors who want to find greater freedom and expression. In a supportive and constructive environment we will explore doing Repetition into song and song into Repetition; how do they work together, help to open each other up? Let’s explore with Repetition into song to encourage more spontaneity, impulse and range of expression and vice versa. Feel free to bring a song with you (will be singing acapella) but this is not a requirement. All abilities and experiences are welcome but participants must have done at least a Meisner Intro.

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Here’s some recommendations from students:

 A great opportunity to learn how to act more spontaneously, freeing yourself from your inner critic and enabling you to explore and be more daring. Debbie and Tasha create a challenging yet friendly and supportive space in which to try things out. Their feedback is honest and constructive helping you to develop and consider different ways of looking at things. I’m really enjoying myself and encourage others to give it a whirl!  – John Adam

 It’s a great class where I was able to explore human emotions and behavior. Debbie is really talented and she is really effective at transmitting her knowledge and experience to the group, keeping at the same time a nice and friendly atmosphere. I really recommend this class for people new into the acting world and professionals as well.  – Zuco

Self Exploration through Drama

Let’s Explore!

This is a workshop which will helps to build your confidence as an  in the Meisner technique, face your fears and help you do it anyway!  I work in a very friendly and supportive way – the work is very positive and supportive in its approach.  All are welcome!

This one day workshop is for beginners to advanced performers who wish to try a new approach to acting. The day will introduce you to the Meisner Acting Technique and a series of exercises which can help to learn more about yourself and build your confidence in everyday life situations and acting in a fun, friendly and supportive environment.

Time: 5 hrs

Cost: £39 per person

Here’s a tidbit on what you can gain from the course from students:

“Yes, highly recommended. Becoming comfortable with Meisner.”

‘Relaxed, welcoming, inclusive, experienced teacher.’

‘It is a class to help spontaneity.’

Monday Monologues


Me in rehearsals for Midsummer Madness

This is where you can practice those pesky monologues in a friendly, supportive and fun environment. Just bring along a monologue.

This is set up so you try to do it monthly or whenever you can.

It’s run like a mock audition, we can give feedback or not, depending on what you are looking for.

It’s an opportunity to get up and practice with others.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time to sort out order of participants.

Time: 1 hr

Cost: £5 cash per person

Here’s some recommendations from students:

I attended the first MM last month. The chance to memorize a piece monthly is a wonderful opportunity to get your creative juices flowing.” – Julie Mason

‘It was fun! And useful practice.’

‘Great for audition technique and confidence’

‘It is useful for me as practice make perfect.

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