Debbie Bridge’s Top 10 Tips to Auditions

1. Sleep Well – A good night’s sleep helps anyone do better.

2. Know your Words – Nothing can reduce your confidence faster than not knowing your words/music.

3. Make Choices – Go in with a clear idea of what or who you are presenting.

4. Practise Your Slate – Practice saying your name, agent, and title of piece, height and/or something about yourself.

5. Take Direction – Don’t be so glued to your choices you can’t do something different when asked.

6. Keep Going – People make mistakes all the time, but keep going sometimes the mistakes are when the miracles happen.  Also, casting cares about the character and how you cope with your own nerves.

7. Give yourself a Gift – Always have something to give yourself after you’ve auditioned – could be meeting a good friend, special coffee – just a little reward for the work you’ve done.

8. Tits & Ass – Give them your best you – don’t be over humble, critical or deprecating.   This is you on your best days – it’s only a few ‘minutes and you can be your ‘normal’ self once you get the job. So, leave no matter how you think you did, like you’ve done your best.

9. Have Fun – This is the one time you have full control – you can present your own idea(s) so do so and love it – Play!

10. No Bad Audition – There is no such thing as a ‘bad audition’.  No one audition will destroy your career. However bad you think your audition went, leave the room with your head held high – keep going.  There’s not any one thing that makes or breaks a career.  This is just that negative inner voice that everyone has – just Drop/Stop & Roll.

Drop the idea; Stop Obsessing about it; Roll onto the next thing and a positive thought!

Bonus – have a buddy you can always talk things through with, someone you can trust and know believes in you, possibly even more than you do!