Love the chance to speak!

Well, it’s been awhile since I have written a blog, well there is a reason for that. I thought no one was reading, so I went and did a blog seminar to help me gain a better idea of how to use this media and what I discovered was that people have been reading it, I just hadn’t realised.

So here is my latest on this new media and how much I enjoy at least writing what’s happening and, still live in hope, that I may hear more back from my readers.

1 of the things I learned on this course which has been a real help and time saver was all about Hootsuite. A free time saving device for people like me, with little time, but much need to reach all of you who want to know what I am doing and when.

Well with Hootsuite I can update my daily notices weeks in advance of the event on all the social media places I post events on. So places like, Facebook, blogger, linked in, and twitter, I can now go to 1 site and update all these daily in 1 place and schedule updates weeks, months in advance. It’s brilliant, so when I go on holiday, like this last week, I can input updates while I am away, so I keep up the SEO’s (Search Engine Optimisation) and the sites keep active.

The scariest thing about all of this for me is I am not a techy, I am a Trekkie, but not a techy, so the fact that I am learning all these new words and acronyms is really something for me and shows how easy it has to be. If I can do it, anyone can do it, with a little initiative and desire to learn something new and useful.

So for all those others out there like me, just dip your toe in the water and the world will expand wonderfully. The key thing I have learned over the years is to take it all slowly. I have been learning that I need to do these courses every so often to pick up a few tid bits which I will then try to do and then do another course again later and so on, just doing a little along the way until I learn all these new skills as and when.

So I say blog away, it’s good fun, gives me a vent for some of my pet subjects and keeps me learning new skills. Hopefully I’ll be hearing back from more of you soon, but if not, at least I know that some of you are reading and that is a great thing in itself!

For those of you who don’t want to respond directly through this blog, you can always email me through the website.

Do you have any particular topics you’d like me to write on? Then let me know below!