There’s nothing like having a lot to do, but it can get a bit scary as to how to keep all things moving forward. I’ve heard, if things aren’t moving forward, then there ain’t no neutral, things will move backwards. So I take this to heart and am looking at ways to improve or expand what I’m doing, so as to keep things moving forward.

What I’m learning

These days, I’m learning big time, how to delegate and let go. I know I can’t do everything, so I’m slowly learning to ask for help wherever and whenever I can. This means I don’t have to do the same amount, but get more done by letting others help me do the things I don’t have time to learn or do. It’ great, but it does need me to keep an eye that things are followed up. I really do work in show BUSINESS – heavy emphasis on the BUSINESS part.

How I’m doing it

Right now, I’m doing a course to help market me better to the industry and help me improve my audition skills. So it’s revamping the CV, cover letter, etc. It’s getting the show reels out – both the singing and acting. It’s talking to the agents to get their help and keep them informed.


My managing of the American Actors UK is proving to be very valuable, if not time-consuming work. Overall, I’m gaining a lot of learning on how to work with others, encourage them and let those go that need to do other things. The best bit is after all the ‘sturm and dram’ it all works out and often in ways I hadn’t realised and better than can be imagined.

Oh, forgot to mention, the performing as well, but you can always look at my website for that!

Keep those plates spinning, but always remember, we only have 2 hands, so ya may need a few more hands to help keep them all going!

How do you manage to do it?

Debbie Bridge sings while rollerblading

Till next month…Happy Valentine’s Day!