Now this post, may not be the most beautiful, but it could prove very useful to many of you out there.  Like any business the more you know the people you want to work with the better, so if you are needing experience or just want to get used to networking what better places to start than in your own backyard and then you can hone in on the ones you really want to work with.

Time and time again, I get students asking me all sorts of questions, well I’ve found there are some pretty useful websites out there that can be helpful, some are more useful to those just starting, but I’m hoping there will be something for everyone here that can help you at whatever level you are at, plus, I always encourage you to add comments of anything useful you may find!

So here goes….

Networking in Brighton

Brighton Equity Branch

They meet, usually, on the first Saturday morning of the month and it’s a great way to meet professionals in the local business and ask any questions, especially if you are having some problems in the industry.  You don’t have to be a member to join in, you can just go along.  Facebook page

Shooters in the Pub

A free evening, on the first Monday of the month, all things to do with local film/TV industry people – worth getting to know them and see what is being put on.  Facebook page


Or otherwise known as: Southern Performers and Creative Energies, this is usually a paid event, but with brilliant speakers, they are not on a consistent date, so check out their Facebook page for details.

Film Professional Networking

This is a relatively new group which has started up in Brighton, but it’s worth checking it out, as it’s been very popular in London.  Facebook page

Straight Outta Brighton

This is a new networking group for film and such media.  I went along to the first one and there were a lot of people there and a lot of new faces, so worth going along to their next event.  It’s free.  Facebook page

I would add to these that just going along to any event where there are going to be like-minded people, like acting classes, workshops, etc, will, also help.

Some other useful facebook pages/websites are:

Brighton Meisner


Brighton Actors

The Actors Centre

Sadly, for singers, I’ve not seen much, other than going out to open mic nights and click here to find a great website that lists that, but otherwise there isn’t a lot out there for the singing crowd in Brighton.  For the classical singer willing to do contemporary singing, there is New Music Brighton.

As to theatre based nights, well, sadly, a lot of these have stopped, but would love to add any that are still running or have started up again, just drop me a line!

Please let me know of any others in the comments box below and I’ll update this post!