I was sitting across from the famous British actor, Jason Hughes of ‘Midsomer Murdersindexfame.  Here I confess my secret passion for  – murder mysteries!  I love them and am a big fan of such series!  I had all sorts of naughty thoughts on how to get his attention or engage him in a conversation.  To be soooo close and to say nothing – agony!

He had his eyes closed, so no possible accidental glance was there.  Could have bumped against him, ‘accidentally’.  ‘Ooops! Sorry’, then have asked him, if he really is who he is – not so classy that.

Then my fear of actually accidentally hitting him, made me sit like a starfish stuck to a rock, for fear of waking the poor man, who was obviously very tired, as he fell fast asleep.  ‘Do I take a picture?… don’t I?’  Ran through my head, but I did think, ‘bad Karma, what if I was in his shoes?, would I want someone I didn’t know taking photos of me while I’m asleep on a train and then putting them on Facebook – no!’

So, instead I posted my dilemma on Facebook, ‘They’ll know what to do’ and here is what they said:

Caroline: Shout something in Welsh very loudly to him  (only Welsh I know are town names, not very sane, yelling Abergavenny! Cardiff! in some weird and random way)

Jon: Sit on his lap and snog him (I’m afraid my John, may have words to say to me, if I did that)

Jenny: Be cool.  Or maybe arrange yourself as a murder victim and wait  (liked this idea, especially, as I have a big gash over my left eye, due to recent surgery, but man would it hurt to get those stitches put back in)

Julie: Poke him to see if he’s alive!  (hmm, this was possible, but still may produce – weirdo person sitting across from me vibes, rather than sane, beautiful, talented person!)

Caroline (again): sing an aria (this was a good 1, but I didn’t do it, lots of people on train and all that, I’m quite a shy person really!)

Fiona: Lean across and blow up his nostrils. (Back in weirdo category, not the effect I was going for)

Stephen: Ask him how Tash and the kids are? (Didn’t get this private information in time to do it)

Peter: Draw a white line around him for when he wakes (now what did I do with that spare white chalk I always carry….hm?)

My personal favourite though:

Peter: ‘Jason Hughes is sitting in a cafe and thinking, is that Debbie Bridge?  Wonder if I should go and say hello.’ (Looking forward to this event)

and to leave me with a bit of hope:

Alan: He’s a Kemptown chap isn’t he?  (raising my hopes, I may get this chance again on a future train ride, when he isn’t so tired)

So, in the end, he slept well and I had a lovely distraction and a few laughs during my train ride up to London, where I did my 1st Voice Over job….that leads nicely into my next blog, so catch up with you then.

P.S: Jason Hughes, if you are reading this: I just wanted to say, I really like your work!