I am doing my 1st paid voice over job – how fab!  Talk about being thrown in at the deep end!?  I have even got words in Spanish – a language I do not speak – which I need to say.  Glad I did those Italian lessons, as it gives me a good starting point.  In general it is an American accent which is needed, hence why they got me in, so a quick call to a friend who does speak Spanish and, Bob’s your Uncle, I am clear on how to say those few Spanish words.

I have read the script several times out loud to get a good feel for it.  In situations like this, I feel a bit luckier than other actors who do not have musical training.  Why?  Well, because I can make notations from music which fit nicely on the written page, especially when the words are not laid out well – you know, when the last word of the sentence is on the next line.  When that happens, I either put an arrow to remind me to keep it moving or I write the word in, remembering to scratch out the typed word on the next line.  This makes it easy to follow, along with some other easy markings for speeding up, keep it moving and breathing.

The job is now done and what fun!  Nice group of people to work with, got the job done in less time than set aside for it and end of March a copy will be sent to me (this has since been sent through and a sampler will be made in the near future).  Glad I have got the 1st one in the bag and with relative ease.

Looking forward to the next one…..wonder where and when it will be?

What tips to you have for doing voice over work?

Just after I had finished my session as Eva Peron.

Just after I had finished my session as Eva Peron.