I must admit, I imagine, I’m likely to be someone’s worst nightmare to sit next to on a plane.

Since doing Meisner acting training, I’ve decided in life, I will no longer hide tears or laughter in public – well mostly.  I can now get so engrossed in a film that I just don’t realise that I’m laughing or crying out loud.  So, I’m the type to cry at a commercial, hence why I can’t watch any of those African charity commercials – just switch channels.  Also, I don’t tend to watch the news, as it’s all about what makes news and that isn’t people being happy and having fun, it’s usually the worst of human behaviour, as that is what makes ‘news’.

Anyway, getting a little side tracked there, I’ve found the way to get the table or seat next to you on the train or the bus – laugh out loud!  I’ve been reading, Lynne Truss’ book – ‘Making the Cat Laugh’, so with my motto of laughing out loud intact, I’m the Nutter no one wants to sit next to – brill, I love the extra room!

I feel we’ve lost touch with expressing emotions in public,especially when on our own, other than road rage, or being high on some substance, so I’m determined to fight this belief system in the Western World and laugh out loud, not because I’m a Nutter, drunk or under 21, but because I’m enjoying my life and I’m on my own while doing it or with a group!

What is it about us today when we hear someone on their own, laughing – we want to run away?

I would much rather enjoy the fact that someone is enjoying themselves.  An example in my life, as my hubbie watches a lot of TV which he howls with laughter at – I’m sure he’s also not aware how loud he laughs while doing it.  So I now embrace his laughter with a quiet smile upstairs as I hear him howl, roll over and go to sleep with a cheeky grin 😉

Isn’t life grand!

Where do you let your emotions run free?

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