This is the update from last week’s blog on branding to let you know where I am today:

Debbie Bridge

Debbie Bridge logo

So how is my vroom going? Well, I think I’m vrooming along nicely since I posted that original post.

As you can see, I have created a logo and instead of brand, I’m now using the terms: my own ‘blue ocean’. I have found this a lot easier than trying to ‘stand outside myself and see myself’. I’ve come to understand, as an actor/singer, this is near impossible to do, unless you are 1 of those lucky few who are writer/actors, singer/directors, whatever paring works for you – what do I mean by this? Well, people who can see things from both sides of the stage. I am someone where I discovered, I’m very happy just working from the stage and don’t need to try and see myself from the writer or director’s chair, in fact, that gets me spinning in my head.

So, how do performers like me get their own blue ocean?

This is how I did it, I created my dream client, thanks to Dallas Travers, she showed me simple steps on how to see, not me, but the other person I am selling my wares to… so to speak!

Also, services like the Union’s free, yes, I just said free or close enough to it, support. And people ask, “What the arts unions are good for?” Well, this is a biggy, these guys have helped me to understand all sorts of different parts of the ‘business’ side of the entertainment world– key word here: business! So who are these masked marauders of free help and how do you find them? They are the FEU Training and click on the link to find out more of how you too can gain from what they have to offer!

FEU Workshop Photo: Kate Willoughby

FEU Workshop
Photo: Kate Willoughby

So I say, I’m OK with this Brand thing and I’m lov’n my own blue ocean, where are you swimming these days?

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