I don’t know about you, but I love Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.  They are brilliant to watch and the latest 1 is with Jennifer Lopez, check it out here.

How do they do it?  Why do we watch it?  Despite having no audience, they still make us want to watch them.

Now, editing has a lot to do with it in a film based medium, but there has to be something else.  I’ve watch or not watched, as the case may be, a film based medium if the performers just do/don’t pull me in and make me want to watch them.

Well, here comes confession time, this is my secret mission in my own work to really interact and engage with my audience whether that’s as a singer, actor, on camera or stage.  I have even had the fun of doing it in a variety of languages, despite the majority of the audience not knowing what I am saying, here’s a good example of me doing this!  I’ve done it underground – cave, London Tube, West End stage, Prince Charles front lawn, wherever and they love it!  So how do I and many others do it?

Ya, that's me in red, rollerblading, with cake and dancing/singing - it's my cardinal outfit

Ya, that’s me in red, rollerblading, with cake and dancing/singing – it’s my cardinal outfit

Here’s some of what I’ve learned over the years both as an audience member and performer – most audiences love it when a performer talks straight at us.  Naturally, there are those few audience members that don’t, that’s OK, it doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying what you do.  They may be of a more voyeuristic type…;)

I remember vividly, as a kid, when they asked for volunteers in a show, I was eager to be chosen and that impulse is still in me.  As the performer, I love to chat with and get to know my audience.

So if you want to be more like me, here are 3 top tips to help you.

  • get there early and start talking with your audience, get to know them.  You won’t feel like they are your enemy and you can start to build your relationships
  • look them in the eye – this can be tough, so practise this, whenever you can because in ‘real’ life, we hardly look at people in the eye when we talk to them, but children and dogs are brilliant at this – more than happy to look at you!
  • look for your friends – by this I mean, the packs or people in the crowd who clearly like you and what you are doing.  Use them as your best help for encouragement.

How do you engage your audience? or how would you like to?  Post below:

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