Updates - Debbie Bridge

Updates – Debbie Bridge

Like most people, I always start things with the best of intentions and todays post is another one of those.  It’s a chance for me, once a month, at least, to let you know what I’m up to!

I’m terrible for keeping up with what I do, I’m one of those people who does a lot, but I don’t hang onto it, so if you asked me what I did yesterday, I could struggle, as I much prefer to look at what I’m doing now!  I don’t think this is a bad trait, just doesn’t help when people ask me what am I doing?

So, today, my favourite place to start from, is I’m currently in London and I’m here for a little over a week doing some cat sitting.  Why cat sitting?  Well, it’s because, I am planning on doing more house sitting when I go to Vancouver in September.  My plan is to go out there and work with my agent in Vancouver to see if we can’t build better relationships with the industry in Canada.

I’ve just finished doing the show ‘A Threesome’ and I had some great feedback on my performances, which is always nice…there may even be some future projects coming out of that show, so watch this space.

A Threesome

A Threesome

I’ve still got 2 more of my monthly classes to teach – the Monday Monthly Monologues and the Solo Singing Workshops.  You can find out more about those here: Monologues and here: Singing.  After that I’m going to have a few months off from teaching for the summer months – ahhh!

So, if you’d like to meet with me while in London this next week, Vancouver from September to March or in Brighton over the summer – drop me a line, it’s always good to chat!