Ah, this is 1 I don’t see talked about much, but happens to everyone.

In fact, in can happen even after an audition, read my blog on what I did after a ‘bad’ audition to help me.

For now, this post is focusing on after you finish the run – film, TV, stage production.

I’d be surprised there isn’t a term for this, but I don’t know what it is.  I’ll just call it the blues, something Bessie Smith – Queen of the blues – sings a lot about.

What to do..

It doesn’t matter if you enjoyed the work you just completed or not. The blues are likely to settle in for a few days, but some good advice given to me was to accept, for at least 48 hrs, and then start to work your way past it. (If you want some more constructive exercises to do, check out my blog on the audition blues, here!)  It’s important not to miss this step, as many people might be inclinded to try and fill this time with ‘other work’ or not recognize that they just need a few days rest after such a high flying event.  It’s important to let the mind, body and spirit rest. Even if you feel lousy – don’t worry, it’ll pass quickly enough!

How do you deal with your ‘blues’?

In the mean time, curl up with a nice warm cuppa, watch 1 of those movies you’ve been meaning to or read a book that’s been on the shelf a long time.

Nothing like a good cup of tea to make you feel better

Nothing like a good cup of tea to make you feel better