OK, I’m not meaning social media blocked, but artistically stuck? Don’t know what to do next? You’re career isn’t going the way you planned or you don’t know how to go from amateur to pro?

Everybody goes through these times in a performing career – seems even as a model – you get blocked! It happens over and over, but how do you go past it? Keep moving forward?

Here’s some of what I’ve learned when blocked:

1. Take a break/leave –

Be careful with this 1. Be sure you are ready! I met a singer who’s decided after years of expense and training he wants to do, what I call a ‘real job’. There’s nothing wrong with this, but be careful of the next thought that can come along. Believing that’s it, no more, nadda – performing is dead because everyone will forget me. That is a huge lie. I’ve ‘stepped back’ from my career several times over the years and it’s only made it better, more fulfilling. I’m leading a better life.

People do this all the time for various reasons, it’s an easy 1 to explain. For example, you decide to take some time off to earn some money, to travel, to have a child, etc. It’s called normal life, people who are professional always understand this and, most likely, have done it themselves, so never think that it’s completely over, unless that is exactly what you want. You can always come back, dabble or leave completely, based on what you want, not on some outside scary ideal of it’s an all or nothing world.

2. Take a class –

Try something you haven’t done before, but kinda peaks your curiosity. I find trying something I’ve not done before or trying out a teacher I haven’t worked with, breathes new approaches to old ideas. Just be aware that classes/workshops may not answer all your needs, (can’t say this has happened to me, I’ve never walked away not learning something from every class I’ve been to) but there maybe more there than you think. You can network with others, who are likely to be in the same boat and looking for something they haven’t found before. A huge help to remind you are never alone in this career.

3. Form Your Own Support Group –

This is a new 1 for me. I’ve been doing this over the last year and it has helped me get through all sorts of big challenges in my own career. There is nothing better than having someone to turn to who knows what it’s like. It helps me to keep on track – just by being there. I look for people who are like minded in trying to take their own career to the next level. This has been a real life saver for me! (If you want to know about any future groups like this I am starting, please just drop me a line, I’ll be happy to chat with you.)

To read more about what I’ve done in the past at points like this, check out this post, by clicking here! When the work is all done..

Now, your turn, what do you do to help get unstuck/unblocked? Share your thoughts below!