So,… how does a Canadian opera singer/actor end up in a satirical comedy sketch show?

But 1st….

A little known fact about me is I used to play football (soccer for my North American friends).

My favourite position is what I know as the half back – someone who floats between defense and forward to cover all areas of the field. It’s an all rounder position.

Now what has football/soccer got to do with doing the Treason Show?

If you know Mark Brailsford (Producer/Director/Writer/Actor), it’s everything, but for me, it’s about team work.

Now all productions need performers to be team players, but I think that working on a topical satirical political comedy sketch show – a mouthful in itself to say – this work requires the best team players.

Things are changing on a performance to performance basis. You need to know your other players will be there like that half-back I mentioned. Cause things go can go awry quickly, due to the nature of being a topical show (this means things are coming in at last minute or cut at last minute due to what is happening in the news). So, it needs the ability to adapt to a very high standard – accept change and just keep moving forward. There’s no resting in weeks of rehearsal with a clear script and fully worked out story-line here. You need to be able to jump from script to script, ad lib when necessary only if it’s funny and jump back in with everyone else and the audience doesn’t miss a beat. Some real, living in the moment performing. Oh, and we sing as well!

So, like the half back you need to be ready to jump into any role or position on the field, but know when to do it and when to step back and let the others finish their play.

I’m a firm believer in being a front footed performer and this show is definitely one where I’m getting to really flex my muscles and see how far I can run the field.

The Underdog

While I’m not a seasoned veteran of the Treason Show (these are my 1st), as some of our brilliant cast are, I am one to always root for the underdog. I didn’t think I was a very good football player yet our team made it to the provincial finals which the next step would have been the nationals. Sadly, 1 goal tipped us away from ever reaching that goal. Any fan of the Seagulls, like me, can understand this disappointment. Seeeeaaagulllls!

I can honestly say as a Canadian opera singer/actor, I felt like a real underdog when I came into this, just like that young half back I used to be. The difference is this show has reminded me how powerful we underdogs can be when we turn tail, pull up our performing panties and just keep working the full field to the best of our ability. Keep showing up! Something I started to learn as a young footballer, but hadn’t quite grasp, as then, I felt a failure if we didn’t win and, somehow, it was my fault. Now, I really understand, if you don’t win the game or the show isn’t working, it’s about the team – not just one person.

I’m very grateful to have learned that I’m not so powerful after all – acting really has been a gift of humility for me. I was a very serious kid, now I’m a dedicated performer, but I know how to love it and have fun, even when it all goes tits up!

So, go Seagulls and if you want to catch my last show with the Treason Show, it’s this Thursday at the Ropetackle in Shoreham – click here for details.

P.S.: Mark Brailsford playing Donald Trump

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