Joys of living in the Northern Hemisphere

February is a short month. Living in the northern hemisphere, it can seem like a month full of blues. Especially when the weather closes in and there is only Valentine’s Day to look forward to. For some this is a mixed blessing – and January’s resolutions are lost on the heap of good intentions, so now what?

Well, I don’t believe in resolutions or diets for that matter! I do believe in change and positive change. I prefer to make it small, so that when big changes need to happen. It’s a lot easier to deal with.

So, I’m not into going on a 6 week diet to lose all that weight, instead. I encourage you to look at the little ways change can happen for a lifetime. It’s a shock when things happen too quickly and today’s world is all about overnight success. I don’t believe in that either! I don’t think it’s a sustainable lifestyle. It’s quite a hard climb to make if you aren’t ready for it.

How does this relate to your acting career?

What small changes can you make in your day? Things like going to bed at a reasonable hour, learning that monologue you keep promising yourself, learn the 1st paragraph of said monologue or update 1 CV on an acting site. Maybe update a bio on 1 of your social media pages or make sure all your photos are the same on all your social media platforms. All these are possibilities, do share some of your ideas below!

I’m always amazed at how doing that 1 little thing can motivate me to move onto the next and the next after that. I love the phrase you can eat a whole elephant, one bite at a time and that’s exactly what I do – most days!

1 way I do this:

beating the blues

I’ve got a little grab bag with weekly goals. I pick out 2 a day to keep me on track. Things like writing a blog, doing social media, etc. Each week I don’t have to do it all at once, but I can start to do all these things. By the end of the month, they get done – voila!

Another bonus…

I find that when I stick to a plan, however small. I always feel better for having done that, even if it only means getting out of bed and dressed. I know, for some, this can be the best that is possible, especially when burdened with illness. Just know that you are doing your best and that February is a short month.

Little by little, one day at a time – it will be spring very soon!

Share your little changes below – 1 will do!