How it all began…in a distant land – not so long ago…. I was born in a forest….

OK, not quite! Yes, there were a lot of trees around me in Vancouver, but I’m not a bush baby. Still, my voice over (VO) career started in this far off land.

My singing and acting careers got their legs in Canada. Not gonna tell ya’ll that part of the story, just suffice to say – several years forward, a lot of training and work, I started a more serious look at VO as a new branch to my work.

My experience and desire comes from years of people suggesting I’d do well at it, getting the odd job and working with mics, recording studios & my voice, so that made VO a natural fit. I love being in the studio and my singing background has helped me understand a lot about timing, why it’s important and how to be flexible and fast to adjust to what is asked.

True Story

As a kid, a friend and I made up our own language that only we 2 understood. Still use it a bit today with family and pets! Can’t seem to help myself wanting to always play with my voice.

Now, here I am with a website, marketing plan and new voice over Facebook page – Voice Over Brighton & Sussex or VOBS for short. The later is a group page which anyone wanting to get into the local scene for VO can join.

It maybe odd to love to go into an airless, windowless and soundless little room to make all sorts of voices up from corporate jobs to games to animation, but I love it! For me, the voice offer is so much about the listener so they can create and live in their own images of the stories I get to tell.

Things I’ve done which helped:

Voice Over - animation

My voice over alter ego. My Grandfather, always called me a rabbit, cause I love to eat salads more than meat!

  • learn and teach singing
  • improv
  • radio announcer/producer
  • acting classes/work
  • dance
  • sing live
  • VO courses
  • business courses
  • music/script training

So, if you are anything like me – love to be in a dark airless room, talking to yourself – then maybe VO is a great line of work for you too!

Any questions or things to add, please comment below!

To see my voice over website, click here!