I’ve been reading a lot lately, that working actors/singers/performers (however you identify yourself) don’t wait around for the phone to ring – they create work.

I’m a huge champion of this idea and seen how it works. So, I thought I’d share some of what I’m doing and why.

The Why

Debbie Bridge

Miss Givings – Debbie’s 1 woman show

Often, we don’t get hired for those jobs that really inspired us to get into this business, so what is that role/job/song you always wanted to do? That’s where I start from, so it’s helped me create my own work. The list, so far, runs like this:

  • 1 woman show – Miss Givings
  • several short films – click here to see them
  • write/sing/produce my own children songs – watch and hear them here
  • produce/present 2 of my own radio shows – here samples here
  • create various cabaret/dinner show events

These all came from something as small as – I want to sing ‘Trouble in Tahiti’. Really! My 1 woman show and and opera event nights started from such a tiny kernel. Another example, was when I auditioned for some short plays, but, couldn’t do them due to paid work, but wanted to do them. I produced them myself live for local scratch nights and then went on to make the short films of them. I liked them so much, I wanted the writers work to be there for more than 10 mins of a scratch night.

So, what am I doing now?

  • a web series
  • writing/producing/voicing a short animation series
  • new cabaret nights – DB’s Sirens Cabaret
  • looking into taking Miss Givings on tour in Canada

In between all this, I’ve managed to get agents, teaching work at the Actors Centre, film work, singing and voice over work with the odd murder mystery evening (a secret love of mine) to help keep the wolves away from the door. I just adjust my personal project deadlines around these paid jobs and, of course, when Martin Scorsese calls, I’m sure I’ll make time for him in my scheduel. I’m just not waiting, but looking to create the work that I hope will lead to the phone call from Mr Scorsese.

What ideas/dreams jobs do you want to have or what things have you done to lead to your dream jobs? Share below!