What a crazy time – one I have never wished to experience, but here we are. I was asked recently to write about what independence means to me. With the recent inability to go out when I want – well this brings this into sharp focus for me. I love my independence.

The way I’ve been able to go and do what I love and want most of the time is vital. I don’t know about you, but when they said I can’t go out anymore – yikes! I felt like the jail cell of my home was closing in around me. Cabin fever – is what we call it in Canada. Yet, if I chose to put myself into this situation – to write or rehearse or take a break – I would feel OK. It’s because of the unknown and I’m not the one enforcing this lock down. This is when my fierce independence doesn’t serve me or you.

I am sticking with One day at a time and do the next right thing – whatever that looks like. Do my ‘normal’ routine – get up, exercise, plan for the day, eat, etc.

There is something I’m having up my game with in all of this and that is my keeping it sane. When I head into ‘What if’… I run out of money, food, health, time… Well, those are the things outside of my independence. I realise how much I am relying on others to keep things going, especially at a time like this. People who are trying to make my life independent again.

For now, the biggest independence I’ve always had is my own thought process – one day at a time or sometimes a minute at a time. I’m putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward in any way I can. I’ve upped my exercise, meditation and yoga practice. I’m looking at all the finances seeing what I can and can’t do make my way through this. I’m staying away from too much social media and news. It has always has tended to bring me down, now, is, definitely, no different.

This too shall pass, and I hope you will pass through it with me as we ride this roller-coaster of the unknown together. I know you will have your own independent experience of it, so please share it below… I’d love to hear it.