Star Wars - Darth Vadar

Star Wars – Darth Vadar

As I was walking to my audition, today, the themed music for the Death Star from the ‘Star Wars’ kicked into my head with a bit of ‘Spamalot‘ glitch thrown in for comic relief.

Why is an audition so scary?

In my head I can run through all the logic in the world, but all I could think of was the Death Star music, like I was going to be executed! How nuts is that? No one is going to kill me in front of a firing squad. Yet the fear is real. Why is singing such a scary business?

Well the ‘No’s’ out weigh the ‘yes’ by odds I hate to think of on the rejection scale, that could have something to do with it. I look at all my fellow hopefuls, who are getting younger, than me, by the minute, and I wonder, what’s it all about? I hear the nerves cracking in my fellow auditionees; I’ve seen and experienced the tears of disappointment and all this for the strangest job interview I’ve ever heard of.

How often in normal jobs, do people walk into a room, say ‘Hello’, sing and say ‘Good-bye’. That’s it! No ‘how do you do’s?’ or ‘how was your trip to the audition?’. At least actors get to speak a monologue. We singers have to sing it, look natural and sound fantastic on the 1st  time through.



I’m not sure why I’m even questioning my fear? That part of the ‘job interview’ is the only part which seems normal. At least my Death Star had some comic relief which helped bring a smile to my face as I made my way through the building….and the firing squad, no I mean the audition panel – the ones I keep being told are on my side, even though they are on the other side of the room facing me….hm?!, seemed nice enough, especially the hunky looking director in the middle.

So how can I round this up, well, I think my fear is perfectly normal and the situation isn’t. Thank God, I have a great sense of humour to add the ‘Spamalot’ kick to my Death Star music.

What tricks do you do to get through your auditions?